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6/13/18: The Ruff Life

Hello friends, it’s me Mongo the Road Dog! We’ve spent a lot of time in the car the past week, but we’ve seen and sniffed some great places as well. Like Mable said we love playing in the ocean and sticking our head out the windows to watch the world fly by. Arizona is really hot, but dad keeps the AC cranked when we stop so we stay safe and cool. Dad stopped at a big hole in the ground, and since I wasn’t allowed to come in, I decided to start pooping while we were in the parking lot, mid step, so that dad didn’t notice and he ran his leg right into my butt, getting poop all down his leg. It was really funny, and I hope it’ll teach dad to pay better attention to us and stop going places we aren’t allowed! I’ve had lots of fun on this adventure, and we even got to go swim in the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Dad says we can’t talk much about New Mexico, cause that’s for the next blog, but Mable will do that one, and she’s too dumb to properly capture how neat it is here!

Love and licks from the road!


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