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6/3/18: Time to Lick this Wanderlust

Hello, my name is Mable and I love you. I love to play fetch. I love to run. I love to lick. We’ve been driving in the truck for a long time and taking lots of stops to walk and sniff different places. Sometimes dad lets us off the leash to play fetch, and I’ve found so many things to chase! I see birds, other dogs, squirrels, and after dad made me ride a big glass thing in the sky, we even had a rabbit run out right in front of us. I wasn’t allowed to chase the rabbit, but boy was it exciting! All that running and chasing makes me very tired, but I’m always ready for the next stop to sniff, chase and lick whatever challenges come our way. Dad says we’re going to hit warmer water soon and he’ll come swim with us! I’m ready for dinner and bed, and to lick dad’s face before bed. I love you, and I promise to post again soon!

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