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So Fetching Fun!

5/30/18 Dog Blog:

Hi friends and admirers, Mongo here for my first ever Dog Blog! Mable and I are having so much fun on our trip with dad. We’ve played in the ocean and peed on lots of trees and bushes! We met a nice doggy friend named Bell who even Mable liked, and she let us play with her tennis ball. We were so tired from staying up late, playing fetch and eating BBQ scraps that we slept the whole day yesterday and most of today. Today we hiked down to a pretty river or stream or some body of water and peed on rocks and bushes. Now we’re at camp, barking at everything that comes by, because security is a priority! My favorite part of the trip has been running on the beach and playing fetch, as well as accumulating so many new possessions through my expert peeing skills. I miss you all, but I’ll be home soon. Dad’s gonna make dinner and get us out of these mosquitoes. Love you friends!


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