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To the Trees!


Well readers, I fell down on the job in my blog posting, but this was due to lack of cell service and WiFi. I spent the past 3 days with my buddy Kyle and his family in Myrtle Point and Powers Oregon, a rural area of Western Oregon with deep roots in logging and cattle ranching. Kyle grew up in Myrtle Point and his family owns a large timber and cattle operation called Rock Point Ranch. I spent Friday night at Kyle’s family ranch, which is nestled in the mountainous forests 40 miles from the ocean. Rock Point Ranch is a truly breathtaking area, covered in trees, split by creeks and accentuated by winding gravel roads. My Google Maps led me .3 miles past Kyle’s ranch to a logging road that quickly changed from gravel to mud, and covered my truck, trailer and Mable’s face (as she had her head out the window like she’s prone to do) in grey mud. After driving 3 or 4 miles up the steep, slippery road, I decided I must’ve overshot the road, and eventually found a small wide spot in the muddy road to turn my trailer about-face. We enjoyed some pizza at local spot called Denny’s in Myrtle Point, let his son Jayce play on some toys, and watched bits of the Eastern Conference finals between catching up and enjoying the delicious pie.

Saturday, we met up with Kyle’s mother in law to have her watch Jayce, so Kyle, his Wife Wendy and I could attend the BBQ, Blues and Brews Festival. We quaffed cool beers, enjoyed delicious local barbecue specialties and great local blues music. That evening we made our way out to Wendy’s parents’ property in Powers Oregon for some late night cold beers and great conversation. Wendy’s whole family was warm, welcoming and made me feel very welcome in their home. They even welcomed Mongo and Mable in to hang out with their dog Bell as we all enjoyed the end of Saturday evening getting to know each other.

On Sunday Wendy’s parents prepped for a Memorial Day Sunday gathering with slow smoked Baby Back Ribs, Brisket and BBQ Oysters fresh from the sea. I introduced the people of Powers to one of my favorite yard games, Kan Jam, as Kyle and I dominated the competition, only losing 1 game as we were first getting warmed up. The folks who came over for the celebration were all such kind, fun, REAL people, it made me miss my own friends and family. Since I was the one guy nobody knew, I had the chance to talk to tons of new people and learn about what they do for work and where they came from. I got to explain my new life path, talked about my invention and even played a quick hour show for the folks in attendance. Having stayed pretty well within my comfort zone and staying close to my friends and family (and even getting most of them to move to Boise with me), I’ve rarely had the experience of going to a party and not knowing anyone. To be fair, Wendy’s family was so cool, I immediately felt like I wasn’t a stranger or imposition, but a welcome addition to their celebration. It’s amazing to me that you can travel 700 miles from home, hang out with total strangers, and still somehow feel at home. I’m not sure if it was just the sincere, kind nature of the folks I was around, sleeping in my mobile house in the driveway or having my dogs with me, but the weekend was amazing and I’ll 100% be back to visit this beautiful place and these wonderful people.

Monday afternoon I packed up, said my goodbyes and pulled my trailer back over to the coast and started back down the coastal highway to the Oregon border. Rolling waves chaperoned the dogs and I down the coast as we breathed in fresh, tree laden air and soaked in the warm sun rays along the windy highway. Two days of drinking in the sun had pretty well zapped the energy from the dogs and I, so we found an RV spot in Brookings and enjoyed some Netflix and naps. Tuesday afternoon, we made it to Jedidiah Smith Park to dry camp and finally see the Redwoods! We spent the afternoon and evening setting up camp, grabbing groceries, and gathering info from the local information center to maximize the exposure the dogs and I are able to take in as we visit the Redwoods. Attached is my office for this evening, my quaint, private little mosquito filled campsite with no electricity or hookups. Certainly not the most rugged camping I’ve experienced, but the fresh air and giant trees that surround me give me a feeling of peace and tranquility, even as the little shit kids in the camps next to me scream, cry and whine.

So that leads me to Wednesday, tomorrow (as I write this blog with no WiFi) and the opportunity to explore an area I’ve heard so many amazing things about and never had the chance to visit. Depending on what the WiFi situation (and how lost I get in this beautiful place), I’ll be trying to post more blogs in a timely manner, that way you won’t have to read the novel blogs that have been the norm to this point. Also, Mongo and Mable have been begging, so I’m going to let them start blogging as well. They’ll be taking turns blogging, so whichever dog you like best, make sure to follow what I’m affectionately calling The Dog Blog to hear what they think of our trip as well! If you haven’t had a chance, please follow my blog and social pages, and share those babies out so your friends who play music can check it out!

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