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What is a CajonAlone?
The CajonAlone hands free drumming system consists of an attachment plate, a short bass drum beater and a long bass drum beater. These elements are combined with a traditional Cajon, a double bass pedal (neither of which are included in the CajonAlone system for sale on my website, but are available online and at almost any local music shop). This combination allows you to play a drumset sound with your feet, which keeps your hands free to play whatever instrument you prefer (Matt's videos are all guitar at this point, but the piano, accordion, banjo, bass, horn or wind instruments are all viable options to play with the drum accompaniment provided by the CajonAlone system).

     Attachment Plate   Short Beater     Long Beater          Full Kit
Confused yet? Click the video below to learn more about the CajonAlone hands-free drumming system. If your web connection sucks (or you're one of those "readers") scroll below the video to read a brief description of how the CajonAlone works.

Place the attachment plate in between the Cajon rubber feet (underneath the Cajon), attach the double bass pedal to the plate, replace the existing drum beaters on the double bass pedal with the CajonAlone beaters (based off what foot you'd like to play the bass and which you'd like to play the snare) and the CajonAlone system is ready to use. Now sit on the Cajon with the front of your body facing the same direction as the face of the Cajon, put your heels on each pedal of the double bass pedal and compress the bass and snare pedals alternately to create a drum beat with your feet. Playing the drum beat with your feet leaves your hands free to play the guitar, or whatever instrument you prefer. Don't get discouraged if you can't sit down and play right away, this system is fairly difficult to master, and like all activities worth doing, it takes PRACTICE. Check out the videos page to see some of the covers Matt has done and receive some helpful tips to get started. 

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