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Feeling Generous But Don't Have Cash Handy? There's some apps for that...

Venmo: @Matt-Jantz or
PayPal: or
Cash App: $mattjantz18 or$mattjantz18

Thank you SO MUCH in advance for your generosity, please feel free to request a song (Click the Song Request Tab to see what I know or throw random stuff at me and I'll try it if I have heard it before). Just yell it at me next break or write it on a piece of paper and drop it in my tip jar.

I'm also trying to increase my followers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube... If you'd be so kind as to follow my pages, share my posts, or whatever it would be super helpful (I hyperlinked each of those words to the appropriate page for your convenience). 
Also, if you're looking for entertainment for an upcoming party or celebration, I'd love to play it. My prices are very reasonable, I'm able to travel, I am happy to learn requests (if given enough notice) and I'm an ordained (non-religious) minister if you have that need as well.
Thank you again, and keep supporting your local musicians!

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